Sector 10, Inc. announced this morning that it has submitted proposals to multiple cities for the deployment of the Pilot PLX-3D system. These proposals were sent to those who inquired about the system following the announcement of the Pilot PLX-3D deployment program in the July 21, 2009 press release. The Pilot PLX-3D system and SRU life saving products are designed to help communities better prepare for all kinds of disasters and meet the new 2009 Fire and Life Safety Codes.

Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila said, “The PLX3D significantly reduces the 72 to 96 hours Current National Response after a disaster or incident strikes. People are recognizing that the PLX-3D system represents a paradigm shift in emergency response capabilities. With the implementation of this technology, a City or Community will become a leader in emergency response while improving its efforts to save lives.”

Sector 10 believes that the key to a person’s safety is knowledge. In multiple ways Sector 10’s emergency response products are similar to a seatbelt or an airbag. A person won’t need it everyday, but when an incident happens, the products save lives.

Sector 10 has strategically positioned itself and anticipates revenues to grow as cities and communities start enforcing the new Fire and Life Safety regulations. The company also expects that insurance companies will require policy and coverage changes to adapt to the new fire-codes in order to assist in the mitigation of potential liabilities resulting from an emergency incident. These changes are expected to increase the demand for Sector 10 products and services.

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