Sector 10, Inc. is redefining the emergency response paradigm from centralized equipment staging to onsite pre-deployed resources. The company strongly emphasizes pre-deployed resources as the way to save lives, avert injuries, and reduce liability.

In November of 2007, Sector 10 Holdings, Inc. acquired SKRM Interactive. The new management team set a list of goals under a restructuring plan that would position the newly acquired company as the sales and distribution arm for Sector 10’s life saving products. As part of the plan, SKRM Interactive was renamed Sector 10, Inc. in April of last year.

Pericles DeAvila, CEO of Sector 10, Inc. today stated that the 2008 restructuring efforts were a success, even with the prevailing market conditions. The company stated that it achieved nearly all of the major milestones set during the restructuring phase and provided a list of the critical milestones achieved during the restructuring period:

– Nov 2007: Completed acquisition of SKRM Interactive, Inc.

— Dec 2007: The elimination of approximately $8.45 million of total
derivative liabilities.

— April 2008: Name changed to Sector 10, Inc.

— April 2008: Trading symbol formally changed to “SECT.”

— May 2008: Reduced shareholder liabilities by approximately

— May 2008: Web site was launched. Now:

— May 2008: Acquisition of the S-10 network — Platform.

— June 2008: Launch of the new network to manage the SRU, MRU and
PLX3 infrastructure.

— July 2008: Failure by sub-contractor to deliver accurate
information leads to a breakdown in major revenue
contract (under review by Sector 10 legal counsel).

— Aug 2008: Unveiled beta-web site to address
Survival-Gap needs of victims in preparation for

— Sept 2008: New value pricing model developed to better address
the economic strain on targeted markets.

— Sept 2008: Product sales initiated.

— Oct 2008: The 2009 model of mobile response unit or MRU is
announced triggering orders.

— Nov 2008: First products are delivered to customers.

— Dec 2008: Received orders for first SRU-M units to be placed in
college facilities.

— Dec 2008: Management drafts 2009/2010 plan for the roll-out
products and services.

— Jan 2009: Update tracking software for new product enhancements.

CEO Pericles DeAvila commented, “The Company is now better positioned to take advantage of its unique niche in the marketplace. In 2008, the team’s hard work and innovation pointed to a 2009 geared to launch the Company and its product lines to exciting new heights. We are about to unveil the future of emergency response systems.”

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