Sector 10, Inc. announced that it has appointed John Gargett to its Board of Directors and that he will also be heading the Operations Committee. Mr. John B. Gargett is a graduate of Western Washington University, is Vice President for Operations for the National Institute of Urban Search and Rescue, the 2006 winner of the prestigious NIUSR “Press On” Award, is President of Fairhaven International, a Crisis, Emergency and Risk Management Consulting firm, and is President of Encompsol, a software firm specializing in Fire Code Compliance.

Mr. Gargett is recognized around the globe for his expertise in Crisis Management. He has worked in more than forty countries and assisted the United Nations in designing systems for the monitoring of relief supplies in the former Yugoslavia and Somalia. He has provided expert lectures to Japanese private sector companies on the threats facing, and working in, hostile or overseas environments.

Mr. Gargett has also worked with many industrial firms writing, evaluating, and implementing Crisis and Emergency Management plans, including ARCO (now BP), Lockheed Martin, Trans Mountain Pipeline Corporation, and Shell Canada Ltd.

He has designed, conducted, and evaluated more than 150 exercises, including Air Crashes, Corporate Office Bombings, Disgruntled Employee, Earthquakes, Hazardous Materials, Pandemic, Chemical Attacks, Nuclear Dirty Bomb, and IED exercises, to name just a few. These exercises’ participation have ranged from 5-10 people at a technology campus to over 1,000 local, state, federal, private sector and international for a week long pandemic exercise.

Founder and CEO Pericles DeAvila stated that the addition of John Gargett to the Board of Directors is part of the company’s growth strategy. He also hinted there would be additional appointments in the near future.

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