This morning before the opening bell, Sector 10, Inc. announced its strategic goals for the fiscal year 2009/2010. The company's focus will remain fixed on three main areas: General Administrative; Sales and Marketing; and Product Awareness. The purpose of these goals is to build the company’s sales infrastructure and inform the public about the invaluable capabilities of its products.

The primary goals are as follows:

(1) Mission: To develop products and services that bridge the gap that currently exists between the ability for an individual to sustain themselves and first responders’ ability to provide immediate life saving assistance in an emergency.

(2) Product: Enhance product capabilities to better address the needs of victims and first responders.

(3) Sales / Market: Grow sales channels for the SRU/MRU and install the PLX 3D Software in two major U.S. Markets.

(4) Capital: Obtain Growth Capital to fund the next major phase of growth and deliver its solutions to the Marketplace.

(5) Growth: Consider Acquisition Strategies or development of Strategic Alliances in pursuit of sales channels.

Founder and CEO Pericles DeAvila stated, Our mission is to save lives by providing products to ‘Bridge the Survival Gap.’ The goals set forth above are attainable in the next fiscal year. Achieving these goals will strengthen the Company’s infrastructure and create a sales organization that will impact the Company’s sales opportunities for the next several years. With sales just beginning, customer interest has increased significantly. We look forward to the challenges of meeting this increased need by providing products and resources to save lives, avert injuries, reduce liability and to ‘Bridge the Survival Gap.”’

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