Sector 10, Inc. (SECT:OB), the emergency preparedness company located in Utah, is known for creating innovative products to help people be better prepared for natural and man-made disasters. But they’ve also taken the first steps at linking public and private emergency resources on a nationwide basis in a simple but potentially critical website:

The web-based system, though still in its infancy, will ultimately provide a way for communities, companies, or anyone in need, to immediately identify nearby resources that can be contacted for help. In effect, it takes over where the 911 system ends. For example, if a community faces a major catastrophe and immediately requires specific resources from neighboring towns, the system provides instant contact information of organizations able and willing to supply the particular type of support needed. can be viewed as the first private response to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-5, which attempts to coordinate emergency services of all federal departments and agencies. The immediate goal of is to be a logistics tool to help first responders and their communities become more self-sufficient in the coordination and management of local and neighboring resources. The website hopes to bring public and private capabilities together, under a centralized and freely available system, to maximize community effectiveness in the face of disaster.

Though the system is just a skeleton right now and is still being developed and populated to be fully functional, it obviously has tremendous potential for expansion. Individual companies and organizations from virtually anywhere will be able to register free of charge, without actually committing to any contracts or obligations. In case of an incident, they may be contacted by local or national responders, but are free to decide their level of commitment at that time.

Once again, Sector 10 has broken new ground, helping to close the gap between private and public emergency response. Instead of billion dollar government bureaucracies, they’ve come up with a deceptively simple way to leverage technology that is already available. For the first time in this unique way, the Internet will be used to save lives.

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