Most people can easily recall scenes from a variety of natural and man-made disasters in the last decade. We can all remember the scenes of destruction in 2005 of Hurricane Katrina. Then there are the images that many Americans witnessed live on television the morning of September 11, 2001.

As we saw after the tsunami of 2004 and Hurricane Katrina, trained emergency personnel are often overwhelmed by the devastation and the need surrounding them. It can take emergency responders as much as 72 to 96 hours to be fully deployed to an incident. Most responders show up with special equipment such as full body- suits and oxygen masks to protect themselves. But what about the ordinary people who they are coming to help?

Sector 10, Inc. is attempting to change the current emergency framework that the U.S. has in place. Pericles DeAvila, President and CEO of Sector 10, survived a devastating earthquake that struck the Azores in 1980, which took the lives of several of his friends. DeAvila has spent the last 10 years studying emergency situations. Based upon his study, DeAvila has written a book that details how things need to be structured to increase the chance of survival of those caught in a disaster.

Rather than build up the number of tools that trained personnel might bring to an emergency, Sector 10 and DeAvila are attempting to place safety tools into the hands of everyday citizens. When pre-deployed assets are in place, people will use their natural instinct to survive and help themselves during an emergency rather than wait helplessly. Sector 10’s stationary response units (SRU) can easily be positioned in main thoroughfares at office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and sports venues to provide citizens with a level of safety during a disaster. Not only are the SRUs stocked with chemical/biological masks, first-aid supplies, water, and iodide pills, the units also have a wireless communication system that will give survivors accurate information from emergency responders on what has happened and what they need to do.

Sector 10 hopes to expand every citizen’s ability to survive during any type of emergency. The company’s pre-deployed assets will provide ordinary people with the ability to become more self-sufficient and have the tools needed to survive during an incident.

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