In a press release today, Sector 10, Inc. CEO Pericles DeAvila thanked representatives from San Francisco for their hospitality. He also gave the San Francisco Fire Department Historical Society a special thanks for inviting him to join them on Saturday, April 18, 2009 as the city remembered the 1906 Earthquake and its last two survivors.

In vintage fire trucks and with period clothing, the city’s finest took Pericles DeAvila from Fire House #30 to the front door of one of the surviving buildings from 1906, The Westin’s St Francis Hotel. There, he joined the last survivors of this devastating occurrence as they were picked up by the city’s oldest police car for a trip of a lifetime through the streets of San Francisco. The Golden Fire Hydrant, which saved many lives and homes, received a fresh gold coat of paint as heroes and families were remembered by Fire, Police and neighbors alike.

CEO Pericles DeAvila stated, “A city that remembers its dark days with such love and fervor is the same city that will become the first to deploy the PLX-3D System along with SRU’s to save lives. Our commitment to San Francisco is unquestionable. At Sector 10, we are all working to make an emergency response leap forward with San Francisco representing one of our initial efforts in a national expansion strategy.”

Sector 10 has identified several customers in San Francisco that want to install its innovative PLX-3D system and is currently focused on bringing the city’s emergency response teams together to deploy what is to become the future of public safety.

Pericles DeAvila also extended a special thanks to the unsung supporters and visionaries that see Sector 10’s vision and help with the company mission to “Bridge the Survival Gap.”

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