When tragic events occur, we all tend to remember images from the television and newspapers for years. Many older Americans remember images of when President Kennedy was assassinated, while most middle-aged Americans can easily recall the space shuttle accident. And who can forget the images of those escaping the Twin Towers? We saw everyday citizens who thought they were in for a regular day of work with soot around their mouths and noses desperately trying to take their next breath. Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) specializes in developing tools to help people survive emergencies that occur in and around buildings and large facilities.

While businesses seem to have made great efforts to keep information safe, they do not seem to have a plan on how to keep their employees from harm. Most companies appear to stick to the minimum specified number of fire drills and fire extinguisher checks based upon their local emergency requirements. Not many facilities seem to have a real plan in place on how employees or residents will escape during an emergency. Sector 10 has a number of pre-deployed tools that increase the survivability rate of people inside any facility.

Some might question how difficult it would be to implement Sector 10's tools into their building. Sector 10 uses a three-phase plan to install its tools into any facility. Phase One is basically an assessment that includes an on-site visit by Sector 10 personnel to match up with the pre-filled assessment form by building management. Once a better understanding of a facility is achieved, a proposal is delivered to building management. A project team is assigned in Phase Two to work with management to finalize deliverables, execute lease and installation agreements, and work on an integration schedule. Phase Three includes the installation of the stationary response units (SRU) as well as training on the units.

The SRU's developed by Sector 10 meet all OSHA, EPA, and NFPA requirements. Due to its compliance with most safety organizations, the lease payments on the SRU's are 100% tax deductible.

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