Sector 10 Inc. announced this morning that it has successfully installed the PLX-3D System software and its supporting equipment (SRU units) in the SILICON VALLEY/ San Francisco Bay Area to exhibit its unique system to potential customers.

The PLX-3D System, Mobile Response Units (MRU), Stationary Response Units (SRU) and other Sector 10 products will be demonstrated over the next few weeks. Preliminarily feedback has already shown that the PLX-3D System’s elite platform could provide a great benefit as an integration platform that incorporates emergency services with daily operational needs. CEO Pericles DeAvila said he is pleased to see the amount of interest that the PLX-3D System is generating from a broad range of facility managers, business continuity and risk managers and operational executives.

Sector 10, Inc. also announced in the press release that its website will be updated in the coming weeks to better reflect the company’s product line. Included in the update will be more information on the PLX-3D System, the redesigned MRU product line and the variety of SRU products available to “Bridge the Survival Gap.”

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