Sector 10, Inc. has identified numerous opportunities around the globe for its life-saving Stationary Response Units (SRU), Stationary Response Units with Media (SRU-Media) and Mobile Response Units (MRU). As the company enters the production and marketing phase of its business plan, it aims to continue to invest in management and business development, expand the number of clients; be more effective in delivering the entire Firm to clients; effectively manage risk, capital and expenses; and further strengthen the culture we live in.

The company is committed to reaching corporate profitability, producing a favorable investment opportunity for investors who are looking for a company producing a balanced trend of growth and capital management. Because Sector 10’s products are marketed to the global markets, investors benefit from the gains of where the products are most effectively deployed.

To date, 25 companies from around the world have contacted Sector 10 with interest in its services. The company believes there has never been more opportunities to capitalize on its product development efforts and has well positioned itself to meet the need for pre-deployed resources that save lives, avert injuries and reduce liability.

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