Sector 10, Inc. announced this morning that the recent interactive media demonstration is now available for playback. Investors and those interested in their products can go through the complete tour at

During the interactive media conference, company representative Lee Allan provided a first-hand look at the PLX-3D software via online webcast. Mr. Allan explained, “As you can see, we can instantly see how the office is organized, where our safety units are deployed, where the cameras are, and it will immediately tell us how many people are in the building and will tell us where they are sitting or moving about at this point. If we click on those individuals, we can instantly see who that person is with a picture and any important information, including medical information such as drug interactions.”

CEO Pericles DeAvila stated, “We have a unique communications system that will stay on even when all other communications are lost. The product will operate for hours without power, allowing first responders access to information that they would not otherwise have, in a 3D perspective.”

Questions were taken from Investors Hub message boards LIVE during the call. In response to an investor question regarding the insurance company’s perspective on their safety systems, Mr. DeAvila said, “From a liability perspective in insurance policies, building owners and building tenants are obligated to do whatever is necessary in order to save a life. As we deploy these systems across the nation, building owners and tenants could actually increase their liability exposure by not having our products.”

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