Unthinkable natural disasters, security breaches, and terrorist attacks have exposed vulnerability in the way that the public and private sectors handle and respond to emergencies. While technological advancements have improved efficiency and productivity, the security sector and the emergency response methods and systems have remained nearly unchanged for decades.

Sector 10 has made it their mission to change that. Through complex analysis of global disasters and the limitations of existing response systems, the company has designed revolutionary information technology, communication, crisis management, monitoring systems, and highly effective emergency response control units that bring first aid and safety to unprecedented heights.

The company's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Below are a list of the many expert testimonials Sector 10 has received.

“Your technology is 14 years ahead of anything we currently have planned and we look forward to working with you on various national projects”
Colonel Gerry Warner
7-02 DOD

“We’ve been looking for an adequate replacement to our sub par equipment for years. Before, we had nothing more than makeshift janitorial carts to carry the safety equipment we require in a response situation.”
J. Jamali, CHMM, CSP, CHCM,
Environmental Health & Safety Director Envirosafetech, Inc.

“I met with Peric Deavila, founder of Sector 10 Safety, Inc., and learned about his innovative product that delivers customized first-aid supplies to the scene of an incident quickly. I believe it is the most exceptional and complete rapid delivery system available to handle emergency situations. Since 9/11, the need to be prepared, to respond immediately, to any and all emergencies is a reality. Sector 10 Safety, Inc. has provided a life saving answer.”
Carroll Walters, District Manager
Occupational Hazards Magazine

“It’s a definite solution that provides single point access to safety, emergency and hygiene needs on site.”
Rodney Spencley, Safety Manager
DPR Construction, Inc.

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