Today before the opening bell, Sector 10, Inc. announced that it will be introducing the Pericles LogiX 3D System, or PLX-3D interface package, to the market in the next four weeks. The software solution, named after its investor Pericles DeAvila, was designed to save lives, avert injuries, reduce liability and “Bridge the Survival Gap.

Captain Jack McCloskey of the San Francisco Fire Department (Retired) stated: “I endorse Sector 10’s PLX-3D system as it introduces true innovation for high-rise life safety in our cities.” He also said that the command staff of the San Francisco fire department had been introduced to the innovative system and agreed in concept that it would save lives and facilitate command, control and fire safety in high-rise buildings.

The PLX-3D system will directly impact how individuals manage their survival during and after an incident or disaster, including fire, terrorism or disasters of any magnitude. The PLX-3D System will also allow first responders to conduct situation awareness, helping them become better informed and prepared to address specific public safety needs.

Sector 10, Inc. plans to demonstrate the full capabilities of the PLX-3D system in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area over the next sixty days. According to the company, dates, schedules and sponsors will be announced prior to actual events.

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