Sector 10 Inc. announced this morning that the company has sold additional MRU-OH units in California and has approved a new sales distributor that will support MRU-OH sales and distribution.

An Independent Sales Distributor Agreement was signed by Sector 10 with Building Specialties of Redmond, Washington and their related companies Building Specialties of Boise, Idaho and Capitol Building Materials of Salt Lake City, Utah. Through this agreement, Sector 10’s products will be distributed within the states of Washington, Idaho and Utah. The new sales distributor is listing the product as a “must have occupational tool.”

Sector 10, Inc.’s original product, the MRU, was originally intended for the construction trade and occupational markets. The Product Features Include: eyewash, potable water, hand-wash, postings panel, soap and cup dispenser, garbage refuse, water delivery and recovery systems, compartments for fall protection, electrical TAG programs, MSDS, and Safety Program folders, a foldout plan or command table, forklift and crane lift points, lockable wheels and many other features that help meet and mitigate OSHA, EPA, NIOSH and many other related occupational hazard requirements.

A MRU and SRU-M product demo can be viewed at the following link:

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