Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) has a vision of redefining how private citizens handle emergencies. Rather than rely solely on centralized personnel during emergency situations, Sector 10 focuses on developing pre-deployed onsite tools to increase the survivability rate of individuals in times of crisis. Under the guidance of Pericles DeAvila, Sector 10 should be in a position to save countless lives.

What drives the founder of Sector 10 to take a pro-active approach to safety? In 1980, DeAvila was in the Azores when an earthquake struck the region. Not only did DeAvila lose a close friend during the natural disaster, he also experienced the devastation that spread through the area afterward. He realized first-hand how easily local safety personnel can be overwhelmed during an emergency.

DeAvila's experience in the Azores prompted his vision of providing safety tools into the hands of citizens, corporations, and communities to increase their ability to survive various types of disasters. What Sector 10 has developed goes several steps beyond a fire extinguisher posted down every hallway. According to DeAvila, [in] the initial hours of a disaster it will be up to ourselves, our neighbors and our community to act together in any circumstance.

Pericles DeAvila has a diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit that serves him well at the helm of Sector 10. He has a proven track record of keeping a team with a variety of skills moving towards one goal. As a commercial and industrial construction manager in Seattle and in the Silicon Valley, he has years experience of coordinating and organizing large groups of professionals. In 2002, DeAvila received a Congressional National Leadership Award and was appointed special advisor to the Chairman of the Congressional Committee on the Business Advisory Council.

Section 10 is on a mission to arm citizens with tools and material to survive an emergency. Backed by a strong leader with the personal conviction, Section 10 is on the brink of becoming a premiere source of pro-active safety resources.

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