In the last year, many local emergency response teams have felt the blow of the current economy as a result of reduced budgets. As a result of lowered budgets, each community is faced with fewer safety professionals to assist citizens. Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) is a unique company focused on developing tools to provide individuals and communities with an extra level of safety during emergency situations.

Fire is one of the main emergencies that we all face. Every 19 seconds a fire department is dispatched to a fire, and a fire-related injury is reported every 29 minutes. One notable issue for metropolitan areas is that new protocols have been passed that require people to either stay put or relocate to another part of a high-rise building during an incident.

Smoke inhalation is the number one obstacle facing those in a building fire. Sector 10 has created personal protection equipment (PPE) to keep people from inhaling fumes. The company has developed special smoke hoods that provide a user between 30 to 45 minutes of breathable air. The device uses a filter design along with a positive pressure device that keeps smoke particulates and toxic gases from entering the hood. The smoke hood also provides an unlimited field of vision along with protection against eye irritation which allows its user to safely navigate in a smoke-filled environment.

The smoke hoods are only the first of many safety devices that Sector 10 has created. As firefighters are unable to effectively respond to emergencies above the 4th floor, Sector 10 continues to develop tools and equipment to increase the survivability factor for families or businesses located in high-rise buildings.

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