In 2001, the United States was shocked to find that its citizens could feel terrorism within our own borders. The devastating 9/11 attack and the subsequent anthrax incident resulted in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Even though our government has taken action to increase the level of security of our nation, regular citizens need to also take action to be prepared for the unexpected. Section 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) has developed a number of pre-deployable tools built to increase people's ability to survive during an emergency.

Since 9/11, people have considered the possibility of getting prepared for a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The American Red Cross performed a survey after Hurricane Katrina and found that at least 93 percent of Americans were not prepared for any type of large incident. But as we found from Hurricane Katrina, our citizens cannot rely solely on what our local and federal governmental agencies have established. The weakest part of our homeland security is the citizen, stated Thomas Kean, 9/11 Commission chairman. Addressing that is very, very, very important.

John Solomon is one New Yorker who has taken action to be prepared. After an 11-week training course, Solomon is now a member of New York's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). During his time in the unit, he has passed out preparedness guides at subway stations, directed traffic during power failures, and responded to the plane crash that killed Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle.

According to Solomon, I feel more prepared and more empowered. I see how much an individual can do and am more confident in people’s inherent resilience in emergency situations. But I’ve also learned that my family’s safety and the ability of my community and my nation to respond to major disasters might depend on my fellow citizens’ preparedness.

Some Americans may have stockpiled a supply of emergency rations and water at home, but this is not enough. Our communities need to take steps to make gathering places less vulnerable. Sector 10 has developed a number of stationary response units (SRU) that can dramatically strengthen citizens' preparedness when they are away from home. The SRUs can easily be deployed near elevators and stairwells in schools, churches, shopping malls, hospitals, and work places. The more prepared a community and individual citizens are for an emergency, the faster an effective recovery can begin.

Pericles DeAvila, founder of Sector 10, says, My goal is for all of America, including regular people along with small and large business organizations, to join me in making you and your loved ones safer today.

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