Sector 10, Inc. is most well-known at this time for creating stationary response units (SRUs) that provide every citizen the tools that can increase the probability of survival in an emergency. The Sector 10 teams works in conjunction with a business or facility to strategically place SRUs throughout a large facility, like a sports complex, or on every floor of a high-rise building. Some may not realize that Sector 10 has also developed Mobile Response Units (MRUs) to meet the needs of emergency personnel during a wide-scale incident.

The Mobile Response Units (MRU-OH) were initially designed for use in occupational markets, such as construction and industrial sites. Sector 10 soon realized that the units could be modified to meet the needs of first responders. The initial model was redesigned in 2008 and the MRU-Specialty is currently being field-tested by several construction clients.

The MRU-OH and MRU-Specialty have some basic product features including: potable water, a hand-wash and eyewash station, soap and cup dispensers, a trash container, a water delivery and recovery system, built in compartments for fall protection, an electrical TAG program, MSDS, and Safety Program folders, reinforced forklift and crane lift points, lockable wheels, a foldout planning/command table, and a built-in shelter/tent system. The MRUs have been designed to meet OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations.

Sector 10 has been conscious about giving the MRU-Specialty a flexible design so that it can easily be customized to meet a variety of emergency needs. The mobility of the MRUs allow responders to get the equipment to where they need it most along with a modular design to keep tools organized. The MRU-Specialty can be customized to support a number of medical needs, such as a dental unit, a vaccine unit, an X-ray processing center, as well as a surgical unit. The variety of MRUs allows emergency personnel to quickly and easily set up a portable hospital and command center after a natural or man-made disaster.

Sector 10 has not limited its ideas about how the MRUs can be used in the real world. The company believes that the units can effectively meet the needs of people at remote medical/health centers and remote mining sites, as well as those providing Third World relief efforts and hazardous area clean-up.

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