Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to keep the same morning routine and are apt to sleep better if we keep the same bedtime routine. But when we’re caught in an emergency, we’re oftentimes left in a heap and unsure of what to do. Of course if we’re able to find information about what is happening and what we should do about it, then we’re more at ease.

Sector 10, Inc., an emergency response systems company, has the tools that enable everyday citizens to get critical information when a disaster hits. The company has developed an interactive software program called the “Pericles Logix System” that works in conjunction with Sector 10’s stationary and mobile response units (SRU’s and MRU’s) to provide responders with life-saving data during a disaster. The software application has been configured to provide responders with the ability to track assets, survivors and responders.

The Pericles Logix System is designed to gather information and monitor real-time data to provide responders with the most accurate information possible. Upon placement at any site, 3D and CAD/CAM drawings of a building are installed into the SRU’s. Each SRU creates a virtual zone for tracking survivors and equipment, as well as responders. During an emergency, all the tagged equipment and personnel are overlaid on a 3D map of the building so that responders can easily determine where survivors are located throughout a building.

The information on the Pericles Logix System is secure and can only be accessed during an emergency situation. Each SRU enables responders to communicate with survivors in each virtual zone through a number of systems, such as VoIP telecommunications, public wireless networking, cellular networking, 900 MHz radios, and secured wireless networking. The variety of communication systems built into the SRU’s are important since the ability to communicate is a key to survival and is oftentimes the first system to fail. Using this system, responders will be able to communicate with survivors and direct them as far away from dangerous zones as possible.

The Pericles Logix System provides responders with an advantage that is generally not available to them. The ability to communicate with survivors and know exactly where survivors are located is an amazing tool that can safely assist as many people as possible during an emergency.

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