Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) is a company focused on providing life-saving equipment to everyday people. Founder Pericles DeAvila survived a natural disaster in the Azores and came face-to-face with the aftermath often found after a major emergency. In response to his personal ordeal, DeAvila has spent the last ten years developing a new way of looking at disasters that bridges the gap between when a disaster occurs and when emergency responders arrive.

The Pericles Logix System is an interactive communications architecture program that is the backbone of DeAvila's concept. Each stationary and mobile response unit (SRU and MRU) is equipped with a wireless communication system, and contains Wi-Max wireless technology with a wireless repeater and web-based controllable camera.

The SRU/MRU units are then able to relay tracking information to an on-site central command center that is accessible by emergency response personnel. The tracking data is used in conjunction with the CAD/CAM and 3-dimensional drawings of the facility stored in the central command center. Through Sector 10's system, emergency responders are able to get a real-time understanding of where survivors are located when the tracking data is overlaid with the facility map.

Newer regulations have been passed that require people to stay within a building when an emergency occurs. The Logix System provides emergency responders with a better picture of where safe and danger zones are located. Responders can then utilize the 2-way communication systems in the SRU/MRU to inform survivors of safe zones they can move toward. The visual touch screen panel on each SRU/MRU allows responders to provide people with detailed instructions. The ability for responders to communicate directly with citizens is an advantage that will only increase the percentage of those able to evacuate during a crisis.

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