Sector 10, Inc. is developing to be a logistics tool that helps first responders and the communities in general become self-sufficient, manage response assets and increase the life saving capability and survivability of the affected. It is their aim to close the gap between private and public emergency response as well as promote a cohesive and coordinated emergency and disaster solution.

Through use of the website, the company seeks to make it immediately apparent that there is a crucial need for coordinated effort, in addition to the availability of pre-deployed tools. By joining the emergency response communities and adding the link under one resource system, S10help brings private and civilian capabilities together for success, self-sufficiency and unprecedented survivability rates.

Sector 10 currently has the website in beta, and encourages the public to express their ideas for improvement that may benefit the company's efforts in bringing helpful information and asset management to communities across the nation. is always improving to deliver more of what you need and when you need it in the first moments of any incident.

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