Gone are the days when a would be car thief tried the handle to see if the car was unlocked, and left defeated if it wasn't. Car thieves are getting far savvier, and a car is stolen every minute in the UK. Not pleasant, especially if that car is yours. It's often regardless of the age, as older cars can be stolen to sell as parts. The more familiar the car brand, the more likely your vehicle is to get stolen, as they are more of a commodity. To have something stolen from you is really distressing, so why not reduce the likelihood of theft happening to you? Implement the tips below and make your vehicle safer.

1) Don't leave anything no display. However little of value you think it has, this is irrelevant to a thief. They may overestimate the value, or just smash and grab. Thieves often steal things and then discard them if they are worthless, rather than weighing up the options beforehand. Either take it with you, or hide it out of sight.

2) Keep things hidden even when driving. Especially if you are sitting in traffic on the long commute home from work. You are vulnerable here, as would be thieves have been known to smash windows and steal handbags. Wherever possible, put your belongings in the boot, out of sight, and lock it.

3) Park the car off the road at night. If you have a garage, this is the safest place to store your car, and also has the added benefit of protecting you from opportunist vandalism. It will also reduce your Motor Insurance Quotes too.

4) Etch the registration number into the windows. This makes the car far less desirable to thieves, as if they steal it, it will be more difficult for them to just replace the number plates and re sell your car.

 By implementing these easy steps, you will be more protected, and more likely to get cheap Car Insurance.