That’s a wrap for Season 5 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Part two of the reunion special aired Monday night and ended with drama erupting between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, and Mimi Faust and Chris Gould.

Check out highlights from part two of the reunion below.

Tammy Rivera reveals that she and rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who decided not to participate in the reunion, are still separated but working on their relationship. Tammy tells host Nina Parker that Waka Flocka is her “best friend” and she hasn’t filed for divorce because she still has hope they can figure things out. Fans who have been keeping up with Tammy and Waka Flocka’s situation know that the couple has reunited and are back together.

Chris, Mimi’s ex, joins the reunion to talk about his relationship with the reality TV star. Chris, who wants to be identified with male pronouns, gets into an argument with Ariane over him releasing a song bashing Mimi. During the argument Ariane jumps up out of her chair but security rush forward to keep the situation from escalating. Parker asks Ariane to step away for a second so she can talk to Chris and Mimi by themselves. Chris says that he never wanted to do “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” but stuck it out because he was in love with Mimi and wasn’t trying to use her. Mimi, however, isn’t buying it and seems ready to put her relationship with Chris behind her.

Tiarra drops a bombshell during the reunion and reveals that she’s married. The model doesn’t give any details away about her new man but says that they tied the knot two weeks before the reunion taped. She also shares a picture of him, and confirms that her husband is the father of her baby.

Karen “KK” King also drops a bombshell about her son, Scrapp DeLeon’s ex-girlfriend Tiarra. The pair has a young son together named King, but KK says that a woman gave her information that claims Tiarra has been lying about who King’s real dad is. KK says she’s not going to tell her son, who’s serving time in prison, about the rumors. Poducers give Tiarra the opportunity to respond to KK’s claims and says that KK is miserable and knows Scrapp is King’s father.

While Parker is conducting interviews with the cast, Joseline is sitting down with producers telling them about her pregnancy. At the time the reunion was taped, Joseline said she was a little over three months pregnant and Stevie is the father. Producers go and find Stevie to tell him the news and have him talk with Joseline, who’s been crying. Things get off to a rocky start because Stevie asks Joseline if she’s sure the baby is his. Joseline tells him that it is and says she hasn’t been with another man. She is also upset because Stevie has apparently questioned her about the baby being his when she was previously pregnant. Things go downhill when Stevie asks Joseline to apologize for bashing him on Twitter and Instagram. She says she won’t apologize until he says sorry for disclaiming her as his wife, but he refuses. Joseline then tells Stevie that she’s going to have the baby, and he gets up to leave telling her he wants visitation rights.

After he storms out, producers go after him to try and talk him into patching things up with Joseline. Stevie returns to the room, and Joseline breaks down in tears telling him that he broke her heart and she was sorry for everything she said about him on social media. She explains that she was hurt and thought they would spend the rest of their lives together. Stevie also apologizes, and Joseline tells him that she doesn’t want to have the baby without him.

Even though it seems like everything is fine between Stevie and Joseline, a follow up with them reveals that they’re not getting along again and was once again attacking each other on social media. Stevie also tells the camera that he’s not sure he’s the baby’s father.