width=315Boats & Yachts: Although the Odessa has been sold, this super-size yachts remains a 160-foot long vista of picturesque proportions to yachtsmen and boat lovers alike. This wonderful sight is a rendering of Christensen Yachts , a Great Northern Pacific-based shipbuilder renowned for its big way of thinking.

Odessa's lucky owners could plot a personal sea odyssey with a 4,300-mile A to B range and a top cruising speed of 17 knots. . Albeit she was built on the same composite hull and propulsion system design CY used on several luxury liners, it is a one-off luxury vessel. If two of these yachts were in slips side by side, say the Casino Royale and the Odessa, rest assured that neither owner would have a problem in keeping their ship together.

Net: According to the Robb Report, the original owners of Odessa's big sisters, the Casino Royale and the Primadonna, each sold their yacht at a profit.