Lifetime wrapped up V.C. Andrews' Dollanganger series Sunday night with “Seeds of Yesterday.” Following the third installment, “If There Be Thorns,” which premiered last week, the fourth movie was initially a book published in 1984. The network brought the haunting tale to the small screen, but with some noticeable changes readers might have noticed.

“Seeds of Yesterday” continued to tell Cathy (Rachael Carpani) and Christopher’s (Jason Lewis) story as their children aged. Before Bart’s (James Maslow) 25th birthday, the entire family reunites at the recently restored Foxworth Hall. It’s there that Cathy confronts the demons of her past, while Bart continues to feel the presence of his evil great grandfather, Malcolm.

Check out the major differences between Lifetime’s “Seeds of Yesterday” and V.C. Andrews’ 1984 book:


1. Joel

Fans of V.C. Andrews’ book will have noticed that a pretty big character was missing from the “Seeds of Yesterday” Lifetime movie -- Joel! Joel is Corrine’s brother and the long lost uncle of Cathy and Christopher. It was previously believed he died in an avalanche before Cathy and Christopher were born. However Joel revealed he survived the incident and remained at an Italian monastery until learning of Corrine’s death. He returned to the United States and contacted Bart. His great nephew hired him as the head Butler at Foxworth Hall.

Joel makes Cathy uncomfortable throughout the whole book. Although her family knows the secret about her incestuous relationship with Chris, she’s afraid her uncle knows.

2. Cindy

Cindy is a major character in both the book and movie. However, her involvement differs. In the V.C. Andrews novel Cindy is 16-years-old and leaves Foxworth Hall to attend sleepaway summer camp shortly after Jory's accident. After the summer she returns to school, but comes back to Foxworth Hall to celebrate the holidays with her family. 

In the movie she is slightly older and stays at Foxworth Hall after Jory's accident. She only decides to leave after an intimate night with Bart. Although she had strong feelings for her adopted brother, Bart continued to berate her after their hook up. She left to pursue a dancing career in New York.

3. Christopher's Job

Fans of the Dollanganger series know Christopher became a doctor. By Lifetime's "Seeds of Yesterday" he has retired and stayed at Foxworth Hall to help Jory after the accident. The book slightly differs in that Cathy and Christopher were going to move to Hawaii after Bart's 25th birthday. Since Jory's accident occurred during the party, their plans to retire on the island got put on the backburner. To stay active, Christopher took a position as a cancer researcher. Although he promised Cathy the job would just be to keep him "busy," he ultimately ended up getting an apartment close to work and stayed there during the week to ease his commute during the winter. 

4. Christmas

Christmas was dramatic in the "Seeds of Yesterday" book and movie. Bart and Melodie's affair was revealed in both, but a little differently. In the book Bart exposed the secret after receiving his Christmas present from Jory. The gift was a clipper ship Jory handcrafted after his accident. He slaved over it, yet it somehow ended up in pieces before Bart was able to open it. Bart believed Jory did it on purpose to be spiteful after finding out about the affair. However, Jory was blindsided by the news.

In Lifetime's version Jory painted Foxworth Hall for his brother. Bart revealed the affair after Christopher gave a touching toast. The reveal caused Melodie's water to break.

5. Melodie

Melodie leaves Jory in the book and movie, however fans learn her fate in the books. After she abandoned her husband and twins, she rejoined her old ballet company -- the same one she and Jory used to dance in. Melodie found a new partner and remarried.

6. The Chapel 

The book and movie features a chilling scene involving Jory's twins in the Foxworth Hall chapel. In the book Darren and Deirdre are old enough to speak when Bart takes them into the chapel. Joel and Bart had been teaching them "evil" thoughts -- similar to what John Amos taught young Bart. Meanwhile in the movie, Bart conducted a sermon during which it appeared as if he was going to drown one of the babies.

The scene in the movie in which Bart holds a knife to Cathy doesn't occur in the book. Instead Cathy takes the twins and tells her son they're all moving out of the house and leaving him.

7. Christopher's Death

Christopher died in Lifetime's movie after getting struck by a car. He had been helping a woman with a flat tire when another vehicle lost control. In the book he was involved in a hit-and-run while attempting to cross the street to help others who had been in an accident.

8. Bart And Cindy

In the "Seeds of Yesterday" movie Bart and Cindy eventually develop a romantic relationship; however, in the book that never plays out. Instead they finally set aside their differences after the death of Christopher.

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