width=332Luxury Watches: Until today, Seiko's high-end all-mechanical watch making skills were reserved exclusively for the Japanese market, but with the introduction of their new Elite Collection, Seiko Ananta, the movements come overseas to be sold not only in Japan, but internationally as well.

Seiko Ananta represents an important step for the brand as a landmark collection, being the first all-mechanical Collection designed for the competitive and demanding luxury watch market. This collection announces Seiko's goal to become a leading manufacture and to offer some of the world's most advanced movement craftsmanship.

The collection contains three mechanical calibers, two of which are brand new, while all three demonstrate Seiko's high standard for excellence in time-telling: superlative precision, long term reliability and power reserve.

Each of the watch designs use Seiko's unique SPRON 510 alloy for the mainsprings to deliver enhanced performance and the only luxury chronograph to measure elapsed time in a unique, glide motion and not to the nearest tick, like its competitors.

Design inspiration for both the case and the dial came from the Katana, the ancient art of sword-making first developed over 800 years ago. The Katana sword is a single sided, curved blade designed to be drawn and used in one single motion. The particular forging process necessary to reach their legendary sharpness contributes to their high value and prestige, and lends itself to the sleek, contoured aesthetics of the Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph.

Finally, Seiko's high-grade mechanical watch making has arrived on the global stage with the introduction of Ananta. In the highly competitive and diverse field of watch making, Seiko's Ananta is a representative of a unique approach: seeking to satisfy a customer who is shopping for a watch for life.

The Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph is this notion embodied. By eschewing over-elaboration in favor of a profound level of quality and engineering excellence, Seiko has increased the precision, longevity and performance of their timepieces, making after-care easier and delivers functions that are easy to see and simple to use.

With 416 components and 50 jewels, there is no denying the complexity of the Spring Drive Chronograph. Seiko demonstrates, time and time again, their mechanical prowess by consistently upping the ante in the industry and now, after a long wait, those of us outside of Japan will have the ability to enjoy it.