Fine Jewelry: Bridal engagement ring selection can be challenging; so much drive and desire to choose the ideal ring that conveys your true feelings, but the detailed technical specifications for diamonds make it difficult to maintain a romantic and loving frame of mind. It's no wonder why diamonds get all the attention; their impressive characteristics and brilliance bring excitement and romance to your engagement.

Women's engagement rings are more than just a diamond, they symbolize romance, beauty and the precious relationship couples have cultivated. Emphasize and showcase the diamond with a ring mounting that has individuality and character; choose a ring to compliment your fiancée and her unique style. Beautiful ring mountings furnish the frame and decoration for a beautiful diamond; both are key elements to good choreography for women's engagement rings.

When evaluating ring mountings, don't settle for simple 3 stone ring choices; seek styles that create a visual flow from the ring through the center stone. Some things to look for include: pave or micro-pave, channel setting, bezel setting and type of metal (18 karat or platinum). Exceptional ring mountings showcase the true grandeur of the center stone. By design, ring mountings can accommodate certain diamond shapes and sizes; keep this in mind if you have already selected a diamond.


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