Threats are nothing new to teen sensation Selena Gomez. Ever since she and her boyfriend Justin Bieber, decided to go public with their relationship, Gomez has dealt with numerous threats from Bieber's fans, mostly female. But this time it appears serious.

Gomez has requested a restraining order against a 46-year-old man who allegedly told his therapist that he intended to kill the singer, E!News reported.

A request was filed last Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against the alleged perpetrator Thomas Brodnicki, who, according to Gomez, had traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles to meet her. The starlet said she doesn't know Brodnicki and that she was informed about his whereabouts by his therapist.

She was also told that he has had conversations with God in which he was thinking about killing me, and that Brodnicki was previously in mental health custody after threatening to scratch people's eyes out on the street. 

Gomez and her lawyer Blair Berk declared in court that the singer was in extreme fear, believing Brodnicki will carry out his death threat against her if he isn't stopped.

Gomez has asked the court to restrain Brodnicki from contacting or coming within 100 feet of her, her mother, stepfather and assistant. A hearing will be held on Nov. 4 at the Burbank courthouse.