Selena Gomez has been photographed with a small cross tattoo recently and has also been spotted sporting a henna tattoo on her shoulder which read Sel with some stars around.

Most recently she was seen with Justin Bieber's name written on her wrist during a concert. So can we conclude that probably Selena might be taking her tattoo craze and love life to the next level, and probably getting a Justin Bieber tattoo done?

On Sep.10, Selena showed off Justin's name written on her right wrist along with a heart.

Considering Justin's love for the body art so much and the fact that he recently got a tattoo done with his father, could Selena seriously be pondering upon getting one?

Well even if she does so, she obviously won't be the first celebrity to get a tattoo done of her loved one.

There have been celebrities before who have done it, and one can say, regretted. If the relationship breaks off, celebrities have to remove or cover up the tattoo with a new one.

Or maybe, Selena is not thinking on those lines at all. May be the temporary inking is just a sweet expression of the teenage love, but it has sure got the fans wondering about the idea of a permanent tattoo.