Selena Gomez knows social media. She is such a savvy user that despite cutting her tour short and reportedly going into rehab due to the effects of Lupus, she is still the most popular celebrity on Instagram. 

In fact by gaining over 101 million followers on Instagram, she has achieved something no other A-Lister has been able to do, not even best bud, Taylor Swift (92.1 million) or social media darling Kylie Jenner (76.4 million.) Here a few reasons why she slayed. 

1. She Doesn’t Post That Often

Face it, when you go onto a celebrity’s Insta and they’ve posted a ton of selfies from last night’s event or even an evening at home, it’s off-putting. The fact that Selena only uploads about a fourth the number of someone like Kylie Jenner, gives her postings seem meaningful and more precious than those of other high-profile celebs.

2. Her Fans Are Highly Engaged

Selena Gomez fans Selena's fans are very engaged Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Gomez’s fans are well-known for their fierce passion for all-things Selena. In September 2015, Vanity Fair calculated the “engagement rate” of the top celebrities on Instagram, to see which celebrities earned the most likes per picture. Gomez was second on that list behind only soccer star Leo Messi. Of the five most liked Instagram posts of all time (all of which have 3 million likes or more), three of them were posted by Gomez (and one of the other two, posted by Bieber, features Gomez).

3. The Disney Legacy

Selena Gomez A Disney Princess Photo: Getty Images

Gomez’s fans feel that they have grown up with her. She is a bona fide Disney Princess having started out on the “Wizards of Waverly Place,” aged just 15 years-old. The fact that she transitioned so seamlessly into being an Hollywood A-List only adds to her cache.

4. Gomez Is A Triple Threat

Selena Gomez She's a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer) Photo: Getty Images

Gomez is multi-talented and appeals to a wide audience of fans, she’s acts, she sings, she dances! All three singles from her most recent album reached the Billboard Hot 100 top 10. Her tours sell out instantly.

5. She Has Famous Friends

Selena Gomez And Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez and actress Jennifer Aniston attend the CAKE party in December 2014. Photo: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Cinelou

Her friendships with other Hollywood A-Listers only heightens her profile. Taylor Swift, (Gomez was Swift’s central co-star in the “Bad Blood” music video,)

She can count Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Paul Rudd as all being in her posse. 

6. Her On And Off Relationship With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez attend The 2011 ESPY Awards Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN

Fans find her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber very intriguing. They love it when they are photographed together but they also can’t resist being drawn into the inevitable spats that occur when they are on the outs. Back in August they became embroiled in a very public fight via Instagram which began when negative comments were posted about Bieber’s latest flame, Sofia Richie.

7. She Is Extremely Photogenic 

There is no denying that Gomez is very photogenic. She looks amazing in pictures and has appeared on many magazine covers. She's also known for having great fashion savvy. Since her Disney days we've seen her develop a flawless sense of style, both on stage and on the red carpet. 

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