Selena Gomez is glad that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is jealous of her rumored relationship with singer Charlie Puth, Hollywood Life reported Thursday. Gomez and Puth are speculated to be involved in a “flirty friendship” amid other reports saying that the two are just friends.

“Selena finds it so predictable that Justin’s now coming on so strong because of what he’s heard about Charlie. She absolutely loves that he’s so jealous,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She can’t help but love all the attention. It would be nice to get all the attention if no one was in the picture, though. It’s like she doesn’t know if Justin is really that crazy about her or if it’s just an ego thing.”

The entertainment website had also said that the reports of Gomez and Puth’s relationship angered Bieber, who was in on and off relationship with the 23-year-old singer. He is also reportedly afraid of losing Gomez forever. Recent reports claimed that Bieber and Gomez rekindled romance after the “Hands To Myself” singer was said to have attended the Canadian singer’s concert in Los Angeles last Wednesday.

“Justin hates the rumors of a Charlie and Selena relationship and he has been blowing up her phone trying to talk to her about it,” another source told Hollywood Life. “He is threatened that he will lose her to him. He isn’t taking responsibility that his own actions are to blame for not having her in his life.”

Meanwhile, Puth has been vocal about his fondness for Gomez. “I don't know if anyone really understands me,” he told Us Weekly in November. “Which is why I hang out with Selena Gomez. She gets me.”