Selena Gomez does not think she looks hot. The gorgeous singer was recently asked to rate herself on a hotness scale from 1 to 10, and Selenators would be surprised to know how she rated herself.

“I would say, like, [on] a premiere day, I would be a good 9,” Gomez told Boston’s 103.3 AMP TJ Show (via ET). “And then, on my every day, I feel like a 6,” the singer added. She confessed that her rating “sounds so bad” but she does feel “like a 6 or a 7.” 

The radio host also asked Gomez how she plans to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday. “I think I’m planning a dinner, so I’m going to be with my closest friends,” she answered. Gomez will turn 23.

The brunette beauty was also asked to address the rumors that Drake rapped about having a crush on her in one of his songs, “Who Do You Love." "I'mma crush that a-- even if it ain't too big," Drake raps. Gomez found the mention hilarious and joked that she would like to ask Drake if the lyrics are about her. "How funny would it be if I just ask him? 'Hey, that b--- line, is it about me?'” said the singer.

The “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer also talked about some downsides of her fame. The songstress lives with two of her roommates who are not celebrities but she loves to spend time with them. But when she goes out with them, her roommates do not get equal treatment from people.

“I think when I’m in social settings, and I’m with my friends, and everybody treats them differently, it’s very uncomfortable cause they’re my best friends, and I live with them,” the singer/actress shared. “I don’t like how people are treated differently,” she added. Gomez also shared that she is a huge fan of Amy Schumer and is “trying to finagle my way onto her show.”