Selena Gomez is not happy with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber for making her take stand in court in connection to the Canadian singer’s alleged assault on a paparazzo, Hollywood Life reported Wednesday. According to the report, Gomez has “a million other things” than testifying on Bieber’s behalf.

The former couple will have a reunion at the civil trial scheduled for Feb. 16 in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to Gossip Extra. Paparazzo Jose Duran filed a lawsuit against the 21-year-old singer in May 2012 accusing Bieber of kicking and punching him for getting too close to Bieber and Gomez when they left a movie theater. The alleged assault took place in the parking lot of a mall in Calabasas, California.

“The last thing Selena wants to do is go to a mobbed court hearing to deal with Justin Bieber’s assault case,” a source told Hollywood Life. “The whole thing is a major pain in the a--. She’s busy and when she has an ounce of free time, she has a million other things she could be doing. She really resents that’s she’s even involved in this whole mess, which by the way had nothing to do with her and everything to do with Justin,” the insider added.

In an interview to W magazine last Wednesday, Gomez said that she was “so done” with Bieber. “I’m so exhausted,” she told the magazine. “I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”

Following Gomez’s comments, Bieber was reportedly fine with the fact he won’t be dating his ex-girlfriend anymore. “Justin feels that if he talks or sees Selena Gomez ever again he will not have that feeling that he needs to get back with her,” a source reportedly said. “There has been so much back and forth that it is now to the point where it is more harm to go back to Selena in his eyes. Justin is content knowing that he will never date Selena ever again,” the insider added.