Selena Gomez has been praised a good amount in recent times for her role model behavior as a teen celebrity. The 18 year old has a hit TV show and two highly successful albums with her band The Scene, among other achievements. But now, with the release of her latest album When The Sun Goes Down, Gomez admits she is getting older.

I wanted to create a whole different kind of fun sound when it came to the lyrics. The lyrics are a lot more cheeky on this album...and the music's really fun, Gomez said to recently. She also expressed how she would like to change the subject matters she sings about. Instead of serious and sad break-up songs, she plans to make more records along the lines of her top hits, Naturally and Who Says. It's a really empowering record and that's just more of the place I was in, so I wanted it to be really powerful and to be something that was inspiring, says Gomez.

Her songs are not the only things that have grown up. Gomez describes the upcoming tour as very different. We're dividing [the stage] into four sections, Gomez claimed. We're going to have wardrobe changes. There's going to be dancers -- I will not be dancing most of the time. They'll just be back there getting the crowd pumped up. We're going to have fun screens in the background. It's just gonna be a huge party. I wanted to make it like a PG-13 rave.

Through it all, Gomez expresses she is the same girl just slightly aged up with an empowering message to share with the world.

Selena Gomez & The Scene's album was released on June 28. We look forward to her seven-week tour beginning July 24.