Selena Gomez’s romance with Justin Bieber is rumored to have been much rockier than originally believed.

According to a print report from the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, the 21-year-old singer/actress allegedly fell pregnant and suffered from a subsequent miscarriage at the age of 18 while dating Justin Bieber in 2012.

The shocking news, revealed to the tabloid by a “close friend” of the actress, is rumored to have been “devastating” to the former "Wizards of Waverly Place" Disney star. “Nothing in her life has been the same since,” dished the source.

According to the report, Gomez, despite having knowledge of her mother Mandy’s own teenaged pregnancy, was adamant about becoming a mom. “Selena’s pregnancy wasn’t planned but she was really young and she didn’t care,” said an unidentified pal. “She was so in love with Justin. She wanted that baby. She was convinced it was meant to be and that it was a sign that she and Justin should be together forever.”

While Gomez was reportedly on board with raising the child, her boyfriend at the time, “Baby” singer Justin Bieber, now 20, was not interested in child rearing. “He didn’t want to be a father and was shell-shocked when Selena told him she was pregnant,” an insider close to Bieber told the magazine, adding, “He was in no way ready to have a child.”

Fortunately for Bieber, who was also reportedly fearful that bringing a baby into the world would “ruin” his “heartthrob” image, Gomez allegedly suffered a miscarriage just two months into the pregnancy in 2012. According to the former “Wizards of Waverly Place” star’s pal, the actress went into a “downward spiral” following the miscarriage, turning to partying to deal with her loss and anxiety. “She started drinking more. She was an emotional mess,” said the source.

In contradiction to In Touch Weekly’s claims, a rep for Gomez confirmed to Us Weekly Wednesday that the tabloid’s report is “100 percent fictional.” According to In Touch, a rep for Bieber denied to comment on the pregnancy claims.

Gomez was last rumored to be pregnant by Bieber in March when reported that the singing duo, who at the time were thought to have been engaged in a short-lived reconciliation, were expecting twins. The report, which included an image of Gomez’ alleged sonogram photo, was later revealed to be a hoax.

“A site like eBuzzd is not a site about hoaxes, rather the eBuzzd site is itself a hoax,” the gossip site admitted. “Truth is, if you find stories on eBuzzd shocking or even real at all, then you should log off the Internet and go for a run. Basically, don't take anything serious on eBuzzd!”