These are athletic shoes with attitude befitting to the owner. A pair

of Munich Grescas transforms customers into designers of their own

customized sneakers. While all the Grescas are durable sports shoes,

the upper portion of the shoe is a combination of polyurethane,

kangaroo leather, and cowhide, these sneakers can also be funky, chic,

and, if desired, adorable, too. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the


Munich Sports

Munich Grescas are for serious athletes and for lovers of fashionable

footwear. The hybrid sports shoes from the Barcelona-based company are

offered in 35 vibrant colors. While self-designing a pair is not mandatory, it sure is a lot of fun. Begin with a blank

canvas and then unleash the inner-sneaker designer from within.

It is important to note that once the online self-designing process

begins, it is really hard to stop. Owning just one pair may not be

enough. The price is around $200. Grescas, which are called football

boots in the Euro vernacular, are designed for indoor-playing

surfaces, such as gyms and luxury shopping malls.