My reference to self-destructing email does not apply to written errors in judgment on your part blowing up in your face.  Instead my scenario  is more in tune with the Mission: Impossible shows where the tape self-destructs after the agent listens to it.

There are two major problems with our current mode of correspondence:

  • Any email communication might be called up for legal proceedings.
  • Your private message could be forwarded to an inappropriate party.

VaporStream is a company that has a solution allowing for private written conversations.  Their software, available for computer or smartphone, has messages disappear from the sender's device as soon as they are sent, and then they disappear from the recipient's device as soon as they are read.

Granted, we often want to have a paper trail.  However there are many business situations where ideas are parried back and forth, and one does not want a record.  A private phone call could be the answer, but you are not always in a situation where privacy  is an option.

When confidentiality is an issue, especially in fields like finance and health, this might be worth exploring.  It could give your clients a guarantee of discretion on your part.

Another scenario involves all the email that is currently stored on company servers, yet has absolutely no value. IT departments are constantly trying to keep email inboxes and file storage at a manageable level, while employees do not stop to clean out the valueless mail.

VaporStream's software might be one more tool in your arsenal as you struggle to keep up with the daily flow of messages.