ABC’s “Selfie” is facing some criticism before the show even airs. Many feel that the title was only chosen because it’s a buzzword, but creators defended the choice at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

“It becomes a descriptive word for us,” creator Emily Kapnek said, according to TV Line. “It felt natural to keep it as the title of the show.”

Kapnek explained that the term "selfie" relates to how the main character, Eliza, keeps people at an arm's length away and fails to make any genuine connections.

Producers don’t seem worried about the term becoming outdated in a couple years, likely because “Selfie” is supposed to evolve. The comedy’s main character, Eliza, is rather self-obsessed, but Kapnek pointed out that Eliza won’t be a static character.

“We meet her at a place where she has her flaws intact,” Kapnek explained. “This is just a jumping-off point. [The series is] about the evolution of these two characters.”

“Selfie” is a comedy that follows Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan), a social media celebrity who realizes she has no real life friends. She asks Henry (John Cho) to help her stop being so self-obsessed. Just how into herself is Eliza? Find out in this sneak peek:

“Selfie” is modern adaptation of “My Fair Lady.” The classic musical (which was an adaptation of the play “Pygmalion”) followed a woman named Eliza who asks a professor named Henry to teach her to be more ladylike. “Selfie’s” Eliza doesn’t seem to want to be more ladylike; she just wants to be liked. It looks like that will be a long journey for Eliza, and the show's title will only describe the starting point of that journey. 

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“Selfie” will premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.