The Selfridge Air Show accident stunned a crowd of 75,000 viewers, many of whom thought it was part of the act, according to ABC's WXYZ-TV.

Others thought the falling victim, stuntman Todd Green, would have a parachute because other stuntmen parachuted from planes earlier at the show of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base, which is located just outside of Detroit, Mich.

The accident happened at approximately 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20.

Green was very good at it, colleague Kyle Franklin told AP, referring to Green's fatal stunt in which he stood on top of a small airplane and attempted to grab hold of a helicopter's skid. Green performed the stunt without safety equipment and was one of two people to ever do so, said Kyle.

He had performed the stunt many, many times, said Green. One of these successful attempts is shown in the second video below.

The entire Selfridge family joins together in mourning the death of Mr. Green. Our hearts reach out to those who are impacted by this tragedy, including his family, friends and our many visitors who witnessed this tragic event, said Col. Michael Thomas, 127th Wing commander at Selfridge.

The airbase is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate Green's death.

Below is the video of his fatal fall, a successful attempt, and a tribute a YouTube user made for him upon his death.