Haven't seen one of these sell the news, abandon ship in the last 30 minutes trades for ages - in fact, I could not even tell you when the last one happened from memory.

China is back down at a 3 week low, glossed over yet again. We'll see if bears can make a stand for more than 1 hour tomorrow. Hard to bet on them.

We had a streak of 18 out of 20 sessions about 6 weeks ago with either a gain or a drop of less than 0.5%. Until today we are on a similar streak 14 sessions in a row. Truly remarkable stretches, with no selloffs. And these two rallies came within weeks of each other, only with a short smoke break in between.

Even more sad, a -0.6% feels like a horror show. How times have changed ... -0.6% used to be considered a positive day a year ago.