If you have decided to sell your current home, you may be asking yourself what you can do to increase your chances of a quick sale. Like most home sellers today, you may be aware of the difficult market conditions you face, and know that selling a home can be a daunting task.

The successful home seller will maximize the potential of their home and do anything possible to make their home stand apart from the hundreds of others on the market. One of the most important steps in this process is a thorough evaluation of your home's curb appeal, and a few simple fixes that can increase your home's appeal to potential buyers.

Think like a buyer

Imagine that you are a home buyer. Tour various neighborhoods in your area to get a feel for your local real estate market. How many homes are available for purchase in your area? Which homes will grab your attention? What is it that you notice about these homes?

Take note of the homes with features you like, but don't ignore the homes you don't like. It is perhaps the homes which leave us with a negative impression that have the most to teach us. They show us in no uncertain terms what not to do.

First impressions are lasting

Remember your impressions of the homes for sale in your area, and as you stage your home for sale, use these impressions to guide you. While each person is different, the important lesson is that a buyer will form a relatively solid impression of your home based on the exterior appearance.

These impressions are difficult to shake, and will color the buyer's mood and perception as they tour the interior of your home. If a potential buyer has a favorable impression of your home's exterior, they are more likely to have a favorable impression of the interior. They enter your home prepared to like what they see.

This residual impression also works in the reverse. After viewing the home's exterior and receiving a negative impression, the potential buyer enters the home with the expectation that they will not like what they see. Any interior flaws, however small, will be magnified and stand out to this buyer.

Start with the basics

Now it's time to evaluate the curb appeal of your home and determine what you can do to increase that appeal to buyers. Try to be as objective as possible while studying the exterior of your home. What do you think your home says to buyers? Is it well-maintained and in overall good repair? Look for peeling paint on exterior walls, railings, and patios. Pay special attention to rotting wood, loose nails, missing roof shingles, or any other elements that could be a potential turn off to buyers.

Ensure that the exterior of your home is clean and free of junk and/or debris. Garbage cans should be tastefully concealed, there should be no children's toys, pet toys, or lawn ornaments in sight.

Landscaping to increase curb appeal

Attractive landscaping elements, such as shrubs, trees, and flowers, can do a great deal to increase the curb appeal of your home. When preparing to stage your home for sale, take a good look at the grounds surrounding your home. Are there interesting and colorful plants and shrubs? Are flower beds mulched and weed-free? Is the lawn green, lush, and well-maintained? If you answer no to any of these questions, consider addressing these areas.

Don't forget the little things

Small details can make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal. Cracked alkways and driveways may give your home a neglected feel, even if everything else is in good repair. Concrete stains can work wonders for a stained driveway or walkways.

The same rule applies for light fixtures, house numbers, and doorbells. Be sure to replace all light bulbs and make sure doorbells are in good working order. House numbers should be prominently, yet attractively displayed.

The aforementioned repairs and staging techniques may seem like small, insignificant details, but when you are selling a home in an extremely competitive market, every little detail counts.

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