Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-ARK) announced Monday that she will vote against the Employee Free Choice Act.

The act would eliminate workers' right to a private ballot unionizing election, and instead would require workers to publicly declare whether they support a particular union by signing a card.

I consider both the labor and the business communities to be my friends, Lincoln said in a statement.

However, now that we need all hands on deck, including business and labor, to get our economy moving again, this issue is dividing us.

She said that, while she may not have been clear on her position in the past, I am stating today that I cannot support Employee Free Choice Act in its current form and I can't support efforts to bring it to Senate consideration in its current form.

Lincoln did say that she will consider alternatives that have the support of both business and labor but my pledge today is to focus my full attention on the priorities I have mentioned that affect every working family in Arkansas.

The bill has been opposed by business trade associations, who argue that the provision eliminating the ability of management to demand a secret ballot election to form a union is un-American and would hurt the economy.

Labor groups, on the other hand, have voiced support for the bill, saying that the system currently in place gives too much power to management to delay or stop union votes, and that the bill would help the economy by making it easier for workers to organize and then negotiate for better wages and benefits.

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