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The capital city of Seoul is a good example of his success. It is a big, dynamic city, but sometimes makes tourists confused. Seoul keeps the traditions of the ancestors alive. Old temples are still well visited, and the many palaces of former rulers remind the visitor of the past. But the general impression of this city is a big, complex, busy megalopolis with heavy traffic and air polution.

There are some good points for tourists in Seoul(all the cities in Korea are similar). First, Seoul is very safe. Even though sometimes there are drastic demonstrations, Seoul is one of the safest city in the world. Korean government prohibits people own guns(even policemen seldom shoot guns).

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South Korea is full of life even after the working hours with many restaurants and bars full of people. Seoul is basically split in two - Kang Buk (North of the Han River) and Kang Nam (South of Han River). Kang Buk has many traditional landmarks and shopping districts and Kang Nam offers the upmost cosmopolitan life Seoul has to offer with world class shopping districts, and pricey restaurants. You can experience the young and trendy life at Apgujoung-dong.

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If you want to go shopping, you should not miss Dongdaemun(East Gate) Market. There are several big shopping centers such as Doota, Pyunghwa Sijang etc. They sell so many good and trendy clothes at good prices all night. If you'd like to buy korean traditional goods for souvenirs, visit Insadong. It's famous for narrow streets full of small beatiful shops.

Gyunbok-gung(gung means palace) is the most popular place for foreigners. It was the main palace of Chosun dynasty. It has many beautiful building with traditional small gardens. They show performances of Changing Guards of Chosun everyday at 12, 2, 4 o'clock.

Another famous places are Duksu-goong, Biwon(Secret Garden), Jongmyo, Changduk-gung. They are located in the center of Kang Buk old downtown.