• Are one of those people who lament the lack of personal time to escape from work issues, yet cannot bring yourself to let go of the Blackberry, laptop, and cellphone even when on a vacation?
  • Are you a family member who wants a vacation without those electronic intrusions into your spouse's free time?

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There is now an answer! The Caribbean island of Anguilla has a hotel Arawak Beach Inn that confiscates laptops and any other handheld devices when you check in. You are not permitted internet access and have no television or telephone in the accommodations.

Quitting cold turkey may be a bit traumatic at first, but sometimes it can be necessary to save a relationship. I understand they go out of their way to make it up to you in other ways, and you may find it very freeing after the initial withdrawal.

It says something for our society when a true escape requires that we seek help in eliminating any other choices.