width=200Each year, fashionistas around the world look forward to the September Issue of Vogue Magazine. But this year there is more to look forward to than just the printing of the fashion bible; there is September Issue, a documentary detailing the mysterious, behind-the-scenes, goings on at Vogue.

Each August, when the September Issue is unleashed for the public, record-breaking numbers scramble to buy it and know first what is coming for the next year. To date, the September Issue of 2007 was the best selling ever, weighing over 4 pounds and thirteen million copies.

Anna Wintour, the legendary editor in chief of Vogue magazine for over 20 years, has become a celebrity in her own right, as she determines the fashions for the seasons, advising top designers on what to send down the runway. Until September Issue, the bob-coiffed sunglass-wearing fashion guru has remained a mystery, but for filmmaker R.J. Cutler's new film, she has allowed cameras into her inner sanctuary.

R.J. Cutler's new film takes viewers inside the world of fashion as Anna and her team scramble to create the year's most coveted magazine. Just as Cutler exposed politics in his prior film, The War Room, September Issue takes viewers inside the world of fashion and the turmoil that ensues as each piece is handpicked for the issue.

Alongside Wintour is incomparable Creative Director Grace Coddington. The film lends insight into their decades-old conflict between creator and curator. The two battle it out to stay at the top of the ever-changing industry.

Also making appearances in the film are their teams of creative types and assistants, as well as glimpses of the inner workings of the entire fashion world, from Fashion Week, Europe, fashion shoots, and staff meetings.

September Issue will be released in the US' fashion capital, New York City, on August 28th and be available nationally September 11th.