Serena Williams may not be single after all, after being spotted in Paris with French coach Patrick Mouratoglou. 

"If it was anybody other than Serena on the other side of the court, I'm not sure we'd be talking now," Mouratoglou, who has been working with Williams recently, told the Associated Press after the tennis champ's U.S. Open win. "But it was Serena. She was there. She's a winner and she's a champion."

Days later, the two were snapped in the city of love, with their hands in each other's pockets, and embracing as they walked down the city streets.

This is not the first time Williams and Mouratoglou have been seen together in Paris. In June, they also sat next to each other at the French Open.

Last week after winning the U.S. Open, Williams talked to the AP about dating following news another tennis player, Maria Sharapova, announced the end of her engagement to basketball player Sasha Vujacic.

"If I'm in a relationship, I'm fine; I do well. But I feel like when I'm out, I'm angry and I do even better," Williams said with a laugh. "I don't know what's better for me. It's a win-win situation."

During the early rounds of the U.S. Open, it was speculated that Williams had reunited with ex-boyfriend Common who cheered her on during the third-round women's doubles match. As Common, 40, entered the stadium, he went straight to Williams' mother, Oracene Price, and her friends and family, and sat with them to watch the match.

Now, it seems from the photos of Williams with Mouratoglou that she might have another love interest in mind.