If you're visiting Milwaukee, put the trip to the art museum and theater on hold: Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer is now the center of a new tourist attraction in Brew City. A tour, opening Saturday, is set to display the horrific crimes that Dahmer committed before being arrested in 1991.

According to Fox, the $30-a-person tour takes people on a 90-minute walk through the neighborhood where Dahmer met some of his victims at bars. Even though the bars were Dahmer picked his prey no longer exist, the news source is saying that the first two tours are almost sold-out.

While ticket sales make the tour appear popular, local residents and the families of the victims are none too pleased the Dahmer Tours. What started off the disapproval from locals and family members was when the tour ran a deal with Groupon, a discount website. The Groupon page offered two tickets for $25, a $60 value.

Dahmer's Groupon description read:

Things that go bump in the night keep us awake by invading our dreams and loudly honking car horns every 30 seconds. Give yourself the creeps with this Groupon.

$25 for Two Tickets to a 90-Minute Dahmer Tour ($60 Value)

Guides march guests through the grisly corridors of Jeffrey Dahmer's life and killing spree as they narrate the triggers of his psychosis and the heinous crimes he committed. Tours take place every Saturday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Dahmer Tours

Dahmer Tours grants a spine-chilling glimpse into the life of Jeffrey Dahmer from within his hunting grounds. The guides, which are neither insensitive to the victims' families nor approving of Dahmer's monstrous acts, narrate thoroughly researched information about the crimes and their historical impact over the course of a one-mile walk. The company crosschecks all their material with former members of Milwaukee's legal community and several unturned stones to ensure that every fact and trail is credible. As guests' feet cover the very tracks that Dahmer stalked upon, guides dissect his mad world to grant access into the mind of a serial killer.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a chocolate factory worker admitted to killing 17 young men and boys when he was arrested in 1991. Some of his victims were mutilated and cannibalized. Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison, but in 1994 was beaten to death by an inmate.

While many have criticized the tour, and some have plans to protest the first tour on Saturday afternoon, the tour has no plans to stop. Spokeswoman for the tour company, Amanda Morden has said that anyone who wishes to attend another tour because of media attention and protesters is allowed, although no one has done so.