There have been countless Glee parodies in the past but none have been better done than Sesame Street's version of the popular show.

Sesame Street focused on the letter G in this hilarious spin on Fox's hit show on a fictional Ohio glee club. The bit features school teacher Mr. Gooster -- a parody of teacher Will Schuester -- and his attempts to get puppet versions of Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, and the rest of the gang to sing about the letter.

Similar to the show Glee, Mr. Gooster is interrupted by a mean gym teacher named Sue who claims that the G Club knows nothing about singing the letter G. Sue even calls Gooster out for wearing too much gel -- just as Sue Sylvester does on the television show.

After some discussion on the different G sounds and strategies on how to win G Regionals -- the G Club ends up performing Don't Stop Your G'ing, a take on Journey's classic hit.

Watch the great Sesame Street parody in the video below: