A severed human foot was mailed to Canada's Conservative Party headquarters on Tuesday, Canadian police said. Immediately after the incident, local police intercepted a second suspicious package, mailed to the same address, which also contained body parts. 

The body parts were discovered when a receptionist at the Conservative Party's headquarters noticed a blood-soaked box among other items that had arrived in the mail. The package, which had an overwhelming stench, prompted her to call local authorities. When responding units arrived, they became concerned about the contents and called a hazardous materials unit, the Associated Press reported.

Upon arrival, officers noted the package possibly had blood stains on it, local police said in a statement, according to ABC.

When specialists examined the item, they discovered a severed foot inside the package, which was not addressed to any specific individual.

Soon after, another package was delivered to the headquarters. Investigators found another body part inside the parcel.

At a press conference, Inspector John Maxwell said he won't confirm or deny that a severed hand was found, the Ottawa Sun reported.

Paramedics from the Ottowa fire department temporarily set up a quarantine in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's downtown office.

We had 10 people on the twelfth floor who were isolated because one person was exhibiting signs of nausea, fire service spokesman Marc Messier said, according to the Ottawa Sun. However, no one needed to go to the hospital.

Maxwell said that investigators are working closely with a number of Canadian police agencies on the case.

Police are looking at a possible connection to a human torso that was found in Montreal in a pile of garbage on Tuesday as well.

It's too soon for the moment to make a connection, Montreal Police Media Relations Officer Daniel Fortier said, according to the Ottawa Sun.

A member of the Conservative Party headed to party headquarters for a meeting discovered a chaotic scene upon his arrival.

It's just awful, said Brad Trost, a Member of Parliament, the AP reported. I don't think any of us are thinking this necessarily has anything to with politics.