If you’ve ever been curious about the mating habits of other animals, PBS’ new show, “Sex in the Wild,” might be everything you have ever wanted.

The educational series follows veterinary scientist Mark Evans and anatomist Joy S. Reidenberg around the world as they explore the mating, birthing and parenting methods of wild animals. The series will also demonstrate what scientists do to help preserve the species in the wild and the lab.

In the clip below, viewers see how the series approaches kangaroo reproduction. It seems the show is very thorough, explaining everything from the anatomy of kangaroos (females have three vaginas) to how they give birth.

The series premiere will follow Kiti, a pregnant elephant, and the hosts will take viewers through her birthing process.

In Botswana, the elephant population is actually getting out of control, and Evans visits a group of scientists who are using chemical birth control to keep it in check.

In the clip below, Evans helps a sedated bull elephant ejaculate so that scientists can have a sample of his sperm. The preview takes viewers through the entire process from stimulating the elephant.

"Sex in the Wild" premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT, but if you just can’t wait a week between episodes, the DVD is available for purchase.